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Decorators strongly recommend brand paint. The original collection of point cards can be converted into cash

(check all pictures and news in China). Recently, in order to save time, Changchun citizen Xiao Li, who just bought a new house, contracted out the decoration of the house. But he couldn't understand why the painter who painted his own wall had to ask him to buy Jiang's brand "solid wall treasure". It was not until he bought three barrels of "solid wall treasure" worth 298 yuan that Xiao Li realized that there was a point card in the barrel and that the card could be exchanged for cash, which made him very angry

why do decorators recommend Jiangshi brand

according to Xiao Li, at that time, the painter told him that because the wall was uneven, he could only use "Guqiang Bao" to brush the wall, and suggested him to buy Jiang's brand. Xiao Li said, "at that time, I didn't think much, so I directly bought three barrels. After I came back, the master kept asking me for the invoice, and I felt something was wrong." Afterwards, Xiao Li learned through his friends that the painter recommended Jiang's brand "guqiangbao" to him for the point card in the bucket

there is a point card in the bucket that can be converted into cash.

Master Gao, who has been engaged in decoration work for many years, said that he often buys "solid wall treasure" glue, and there is a point card in the bucket. He also took this credit card and exchanged it for cash at a plastic store in Dehui

"I exchanged 100 points for 100 yuan, and some workers exchanged 200 points for 200 yuan. So, a barrel of glue paint is 298 yuan. If the painter can get a refund of 100 to 200 yuan, how can the quality of glue paint be guaranteed?" Master Gao said that he generally does not advocate using this brand of glue

reporter TA Cha: Jiang's "solid wall treasure" is really popular.

Xiao Li said: "the wall glue of this brand has not been on the market for a long time. In order to increase sales, the manufacturer has adopted this method." So, is the fact like what Xiao Li said

at about 14:00 yesterday, in the paint market near the intersection of convention and Exhibition Avenue and freedom Avenue, the owner of a shop said that Jiang's brand "Guqiang Bao" is now the best-selling glue on the market. When the reporter asked the reason, the shopkeeper smiled and said that because of the high price

during the subsequent visit, the reporter found that basically all paint shops will sell the brand's "solid wall treasure", and the price is 298 yuan per barrel, with a point card in each barrel

insiders: the rebate of 66% is really too high

for such a high rebate, Mr. Zhao, who has been engaged in the decoration industry for more than 20 years, revealed that in each type of work of decoration, there are different amounts of rebate, which can promote businesses to sell goods, and individuals can also get profits, but the rebate should be moderate. For example, some carpenters' rebate is about 15%, which is understandable. The rebate of this bucket of glue is 66%, which is really too high. Mr. Zhao felt that this practice of high rebate was undoubtedly that businesses were using the decoration money of citizens to promote sales

regional dealers: do not redeem cash to accumulate points for prizes

for this matter, the reporter contacted the general agent of Jiang brand in Changchun. According to the person in charge, point cards are indeed placed in each barrel of "solid wall treasure", and buyers can exchange gifts only after accumulating points. Now the gifts include quilts, which are worth 70-80 yuan. For some oil workers who said that there was no point card to exchange cash, the person in charge said that there was no point card to exchange cash. In addition, the general point of sale can't even exchange gifts

manufacturers: before holding promotional meetings, first inform consumers.

in the evening of the 17th, the reporter contacted the Anshan General Factory of Jiang's brand "solid wall treasure". A person in charge said that this product has a good response in the market. There are sales locations all over the country, including Changchun City, which also has a distribution center. As for the discovery of the credit card in the plastic bucket, the person in charge said that at the end of each year, the manufacturer will carry out promotion and rebate to consumers. Agents in various regions will carry out various promotions according to local conditions

the person in charge said that in the future, when carrying out promotional activities, consumers will be notified in time. Even if not, banners will be displayed to let consumers know and really benefit





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