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Kitchen and bathroom hardware is generally purchased in the building materials city. There are all kinds of materials and styles of hardware in the building materials city. Just find a shop with all the goods, and the prices are about the same

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(I) place of purchase

place of purchase for kitchen and bathroom hardware is generally in building materials city. There are all kinds of materials and styles of hardware in the building materials city. Just find a shop with all the goods, and the prices are about the same. But I turned around and found that there were many hardware styles in the bathroom, few hardware styles in the kitchen, and many stores didn't have them or the quality was very poor

there are many patterns of hardware, and the quality is good, but the price is a little expensive. I go there mainly to learn from others' storage ideas and see if it can be used by me. Finally, I bought a 1.2 meter kitchen hanger, hook, toilet paper rack, and several seasoning bottles. The idea of pot lid storage device and drawer partition board is very good. When you check in, come and buy it again

the shower of the guest bathroom is Jiumu, but he made a low-level mistake and didn't buy a shower faucet at the same time. As a result, he was despised by the foreman when installing, and hurried to the nearby building materials city to buy a shower faucet of Jiumu, hehe

(II) determine the material and type

before buying hardware, be sure to determine the material and style of hardware, and the family should reach a consensus. At present, there are common ones in the market, including stainless steel, space aluminum, pure copper, brass, glass, etc. for European decoration style, brass classical style can be considered. I have no requirements for materials, just quality. Finally, we bought pure copper and brushed stainless steel

category, I personally think it has something to do with the size of the kitchen and bathroom. If the space is small, the console is bound to be small, so more things need to be hung up, and more hardware should be selected. My kitchen and bathroom are relatively large, and the storage space of cabinets and countertops is relatively large, so I only bought some hardware that I think is necessary

(III) attention to purchase

there is a trouble in buying hardware. There are no bolts and screws for its accessories, so it needs to be purchased separately. I didn't have this experience. As a result, when installing the kitchen hanging rod, there was no expansion bolt. It was too troublesome to buy it temporarily. The worker took several plastic pieces to the plug hole and screwed them firmly, ha ha

students should prepare some self tapping screws and expansion bolts for emergencies. Fortunately, now the hardware purchased by building materials city includes accessories bolts, screws, decorative caps, etc


before installation, it is necessary to determine the installation position of hardware. We should consider the height, usage habits, aesthetics, etc. of our family. Careful students can mark the punching position on the ceramic tile with a pen first

it should also be noted that when drilling with the drill, it is best to let the electrician operate it. Don't break the tiles (of course, this is also the time to check the Bricklayer's tiling skills), let alone hit the electric pipes and water pipes

small kitchen hanging rod, 50cm long, with 9 hooks, brushed 304 stainless steel, with good packaging and quality. But it seems to hang higher and haggard




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