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Warmly congratulate Royal top-grade on signing the franchisees of Hefei Beicheng, Henan Shangqiu and Shandong Liaocheng

three cities together, unstoppable - warmly congratulate Royal top-grade on signing the franchisees of Hefei Beicheng, Henan Shangqiu and Shandong Liaocheng! The growth rate of traditional panel customized home furnishing market is weak, and the market is fully close to the direction of whole wood customization. In the field of whole wood customization, major brands began to vigorously expand the national market. Royal top-grade whole wood customization conforms to the demand trend of modern home consumers for high-quality home furnishings. With a love for wood, it makes wood with ingenuity, and finally presents beautiful handed down works. It is this kind of ingenuity attitude towards products that has cast the important position of Royal top grade in the whole whole wood customization industry, and has also attracted the great attention of more and more wood customization investment enthusiasts

since Royal Shangpin whole wood customization launched the national investment promotion and franchise service, it has attracted the attention of many interested investors. They came to Royal Shangpin headquarters one after another to investigate. They had a full understanding of the whole product system and service system of the brand, and expressed their full agreement. Finally, they chose Royal Shangpin whole wood customization as their cooperative brand to enter the whole wood industry

in just three days from March 19 to March 21, Royal top grade whole wood customization went down to three cities and signed franchisees in Beicheng, Hefei, Liaocheng, Shandong and Shangqiu, Henan. Royal top-grade whole wood customization "a hundred companies create together, a thousand stores alliance", with a perfect product system and scientific support policies to help franchisees quickly occupy the market highland, stable and healthy sustainable development

Mr. Zou, from Liaocheng, Shandong Province, has been working in the building materials industry and has accumulated a very wide range of local contacts. With his keen business sense, Mr. Zou found that the current building materials market is gradually becoming high-end, customized and quality, while his traditional low-end building materials industry business is gradually coming to an end. Whole wood customization is an upgrading project of the customized home industry and the current trend direction. Based on the comprehensive market analysis, Mr. Zou hopes to quickly lay out the business of the whole wood customization industry. When looking for national brands, compared with many brands, he will eventually value Royal top-grade whole wood customization and become a cooperative brand for his own development in the industry

one hundred co founders and one thousand store alliance are the Royal top-grade attitude and determination to face the market. We polish our products with ingenuity, support our franchisees scientifically and carefully, and take unlimited responsibility for after-sales services. This is the attitude of Royal top-grade whole wood customization towards the market, and it is also a way to pay tribute to high-quality life. Join the Royal top-grade whole wood customization to jointly create a whole wood legend




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