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What is the good quality of yashilan seamless wall fabric? Good raw materials, good design and good process also need strict quality inspection, the strictest standards and resolute implementation

jacquard craft

slender and quiet women, through the collaterals, shake and look up

this poem vividly depicts the scene of weavers and jacquards working together to operate the jacquard machine. As a major textile country with a history of thousands of years, as early as the ancient Silk Road, Chinese silk was famous around the world in the form of jacquard weaving

song Yingxing of the Ming dynasty recorded in his "Heavenly Creations and sutras": "Jiahu must be used for all flower weaving texts. Dry silk is used for both export and water, and then you are allowed to pick it up without worrying about disconnection. Those who save are forced to pick it up and scribble."

the "Jiahu" mentioned in the article should refer to the Hangjiahu Plain in Northern Zhejiang, that is, Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Huzhou. At that time, Jiangsu and Zhejiang jacquard fabrics were the representatives of Chinese jacquard fabrics. Yashilan head office was set up in Zhejiang

jacquard is a kind of fabric with warp and weft interlaced to weave the final visible concave convex pattern, which can be used for home textile and fashion fabrics. The prices of jacquard fabrics vary. Some domestic large jacquards are only tens of yuan per meter, while those that are more expensive are hundreds of yuan or even thousands of yuan

even if you look at similar jacquard fabrics, the actual price will vary a lot. Why on earth

jacquard produced by different jacquard processes are different, and the human and material resources spent by high-quality jacquard wall cloth are unmatched by low-quality wall cloth

jacquard and printing, the difference between weaving first and printing first

jacquard fabric is woven together when weaving, and the pattern is directly fixed. You can't choose the pattern after the fabric is formed

printing is to print after the fabric is finished. There are many patterns to choose from, but the health risks caused by dyes are also greatly increased. Moreover, jacquard fabric patterns have a three-dimensional sense, the fabric is thick, and the relative cost is relatively high. The printing is flat, with clear patterns on the front and fuzzy on the back

jacquard warp density

large jacquard is divided into high warp density jacquard and low warp density jacquard. The higher the warp density and weft density, the higher the price of wall fabric

generally, the warp count per cm is more than 80, and the warp count per cm of jacquard produced by yasilan seamless wall cloth is about 120, and the weft density is also more than 80 shuttle. The higher the warp and weft density, the thicker the fabric feel will be, which also leads to a relative reduction in the production of wall fabrics. However, in order to produce wall fabrics with better quality, yashilan will always choose the best weaving method

jacquard pattern flower position

if divided according to the pattern flower position of wall cloth, it can be divided into single flower, 2 flower, 3 flower, 4 flower, 6 flower, etc

with the same pattern, the larger the flower size, the higher the price of the wall cloth

[yashilan 2018 single flower curve landscape]

this is because the number of plate making stitches is more, and the processing cost is naturally higher. The jacquard machine with 2 flowers can make 4 flowers or 6 flowers, as long as it is a multiple of 2, but the jacquard machine with 4 flowers can't make less than 4 flowers, and can only make flower position jacquard with a multiple of 4. Therefore, the larger the size of the jacquard machine, the higher the price naturally

door jacquard machine

there are two kinds of common door Jacquard machines: 140cm door jacquard machine and 280cm door jacquard machine. The production and processing costs of the same fabric on Jacquard machines of different sizes are different, because the wider the door, the higher the price of the machine, and of course, the faster the speed

all imported Jacquard machines with 280cm door width are used by yashilan

inspection and detection process

what is the source of the good quality of yashilan seamless wall cloth? Good raw materials, good design and good technology also need strict quality inspection, the strictest standards and firm implementation. How can yashilan wall cloth be of high quality if it is not strict? Yashilan keeps improving the quality of wall fabric, and there are three processes for quality inspection alone

the first is the previous test. Without skin, how can hair be attached? Only high-quality grey cloth can create high-quality wall cloth products. During grey cloth inspection, Ashlan wall cloth products choose to directly discard grey cloth with dirt, weft breakage, yarn skipping, wrinkles and other problems

followed by intermediate quality inspection. Weaving, compounding, embroidery, etc. in each production process of the wall fabric, a round of screening will be carried out to check whether the products are qualified, whether there are color differences and color fastness tests, and after compounding, waterproof experiments will be carried out to confirm the composite fastness, and whether there are problems such as missing embroidery and skipping stitches in embroidery. Yashilan quality inspection personnel are independent of the production team to ensure that each inspection of the products is fair and rigorous, and when the next process is produced, It will also conduct comprehensive quality inspection on the production results of the previous process, closely linked to ensure the high-quality completion of each link

the last is the posterior test. After the wall fabric production is completed, all wall fabric products need to pass the subsequent quality inspection before they can all be warehoused. Yashilan has independently developed a more efficient cloth inspection machine based on the ordinary cloth inspection machine. Every meter of cloth must be inspected by the machine, which is more accurate than manual inspection! If any defect is detected, the roll of cloth will no longer be sold

quality is the lifeline of an enterprise. With such strictness, yashilan insists that all seamless wall fabric products must be tested every meter, and embroidery products must be tested every needle. There is no hiding place for every small problem. It is this strictness that has achieved the high quality and good reputation of products

only through layer upon layer inspection can we have perfect products. The quality of Ashlan is unmatched by low-cost brands

[yashilan J3 series 10330]

[yashilan J3 series 10316]





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