Someone said that the Nordic winter was cold. That

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Shi Mei once made a report that Nordic style is so popular for no reason. According to statistics, 76% of people like the simple Nordic style

Shi Mei once made a report on the popularity of Nordic style for no reason

according to statistics, 76% of people like the simple Nordic style

but some people will also ask: in the cold winter, looking at the white Nordic style decoration, won't it really make people feel cold

do you want to know lengbing? And first we need to know what is Nordic style

- what is Nordic style -

on this point, dueniang's official reply: it refers to the artistic design style of northern European countries Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and other countries, which is simple, natural and humanized. Pay attention to functions, simple and bright colors, elegant and refreshing natural materials

- why is northern European style often dominated by white -

Northern European style is often considered: large windows, large areas of white, home decoration, functional furniture, plus colorful details

"large window" and "large area of white" are two designs that largely depend on their own natural environment

the four Nordic countries are all located in high latitudes. Except in summer, the daytime is very short all year round, and in winter, only a few hours of light can be seen

although White always gives a pure and cool feeling, large windows, large white walls and Nordic style are all for the lighting needs of long winter

- does the white Nordic wind really make winter colder-

answer: no

in addition to large windows and white walls, the Nordic style also has the most important point -- colorful details, so that the coldness of the white wall disappears

green plants come to life

green plants are classic elements in Nordic style home. Whether it's simulated decorations or potted plants, their joyful green can not only decorate the space, but also appear too abrupt

hanging pictures is also feelings

in many people's northern European feelings, there are Santa Claus, snow, forest, and deer. No matter how cool the color is, there is a hidden desire for nature in every drop. If you want to jump out of the cold tone of black and white and gray to build a Nordic style home, then you must not forget those animals from the forest

when you come home from work after a busy street and drag your tired steps, if you see a pile of furniture, you will definitely not feel the slightest relaxation, only boundless depression

although the Nordic style home looks light and pure, it can most relax people's nervous nerves and release excess pressure. Living in such a house, the happiness index must be rising slowly

in fact, a good life does not depend on the luxury of decoration, but on your attitude towards your life, which determines your real quality of life





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