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A report recently released by the California Environmental Association shows that ten years ago, only 500 roofs in California were equipped with solar panels; At present, there are nearly 50000 solar energy installations in the state, which is the key location of the equipment, making California, which has long been the leader of the U.S. solar power development Jinan gold test 600 ton horizontal tensile test machine exhibition, have more than 500 MW of solar power during the peak afternoon power generation period

according to another report being prepared by the interstaterenewableenergycouncil, a non-profit organization, when the interstate renewable energy upper and lower temperature tensile testing machine is found to be loose, from 2007 to 2008, the solar power generation capacity in California increased by 1/3, accounting for about 2/3 of the total solar power generation in the United States. The Obama administration is promoting the use of more renewable energy in the United States. California, as a model, has received close attention. Industry experts agree that the states that provide generous subsidies for solar energy are the fastest growing in the United States. California has two long-term statewide projects that encourage people to install rooftop solar panels through subsidies and other financial incentives. Individual cities in California have also begun to provide financial support for solar arrays. Larrysherwood, an adviser to the Interstate Council, said: "California has an ongoing funding program for up to 10 years." Although the budget is now ready to be cut, it will not directly affect the solar subsidy, because what makes this research continue for 20 years? Wangxianhong said that the funds came from public utility expenses rather than the tax paid by taxpayers

according to the report of the Interstate Council, the installed solar capacity of New Jersey is 70 MW, far behind California, ranking second. Followed by Colorado and Nevada

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