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The development of domestic plastic pipe industry shows a strong growth trend

driven by relevant national policies, the development of domestic plastic pipe industry shows a strong growth trend in recent years, becoming the main force of domestic plastic processing industry. According to the statistics of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, at present, the annual growth rate of China's plastic pipe market has reached 15%, ranking first in the world

however, the favorable development environment has not made it easy for domestic plastic pipe enterprises to move forward. Since 2003, the price of raw materials has risen, and the pressure formed has overwhelmed the enterprises. In particular, the price of PVC resin has soared. Some small and medium-sized enterprises with weak strength are even more difficult to operate and are on the edge of loss. The enterprises as a whole are facing severe challenges

soaring raw materials and soaring costs

since 2003, due to the rise in the world crude oil price, the prices of plastic raw materials in the world market have risen across the board. Driven by the prices in the international market, the prices of polypropylene, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride in China are also rising. In particular, for PVC resin, the price of chlorine, the main raw material of PVC, has risen due to the shortage of electricity, and the price of PVC has risen. In addition, the anti-dumping investigation in September 2003 won the final verdict, which stimulated the price rise of PVC resin. For PVC pipe enterprises, the price rise of PVC raw materials alone will increase the product cost by more than 20%

prohibition and restriction of lead salt make things worse

PVC pipe enterprises should not only try their best to absorb the cost pressure caused by the rising price of raw materials, but also face the situation of prohibition of lead. Lead salt stabilizer has been used as the main heat stabilizer by domestic PVC pipe enterprises because of its low price and excellent performance. However, in consideration of environmental protection, the announcement of the construction part in 2004 clearly pointed out that CPVC (hard vinyl chloride) pipes for water supply used nationwide must be produced with non lead salt stabilizers. From April 1, Beijing restricted the use of PVC drinking water pipe materials and fittings using lead salt as stabilizer. The Ministry of electric power has decided that all CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) power protection pipes within the scope of the license granted by the Ministry of electric power are prohibited from using lead salts and organotin stabilizers to prevent environmental pollution. The price of other stabilizers should be higher on the premise of ensuring their performance, which virtually increases the cost burden of pipe enterprises

single variety domestic and foreign troubles

huge market capacity and low entry threshold have made plastic pipes a hot project invested by all parties in China in the past few years. Due to the blind investment at that time, the electromechanical shell in the low-end washing machine mainly played a role of fixed protection for the motor of the washing machine. The product had excess capacity, and its malignant effect had begun to appear. Take the PVC pipe enterprise with the largest market share as an example. At present, its products are still concentrated in urban and rural water supply and drainage pipes and pipe fittings, rainwater drainage pipes and pipe fittings, which leads to its market capacity becoming saturated and increases the intensity of competition in this product field. In order to compete for the market, some enterprises adopt the price driven strategy, especially some small enterprises dump their inferior products at low prices. The price war is becoming more and more fierce, and they are in a vicious price competition situation

the original competitive advantage of PVC pipe enterprises with low scientific and technological content and single variety of products is that the price is lower than that of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes, while the rise of raw materials makes them in a passive situation, providing an entrance for competitors. In addition to the original gas pipe and heating pipe, the emerging market application of polyethylene pipe has also begun to enter the urban and rural water supply and drainage pipe and pipe fitting market in recent years. Moreover, the price increase of polyethylene resin is less than that of PVC, the production cost pressure is not great, and there is no lead ban, which adds a competitive advantage. It can be said that PVC pipe enterprises are currently in a situation of domestic and foreign troubles

actively adjust and recapture the market

from the trend of the world plastic market, the high price of raw materials will continue for some time. However, due to the consumption characteristics of plastic pipes, there is relatively little room for price increase. It is a drop in the bucket to solve the operating pressure by placing hopes on the fall of raw material prices, which cannot fundamentally get rid of the passive operation situation. Therefore, the marketing strategy must be adjusted

first 1 The experimental fixture should shift from product price competitiveness to brand competitiveness, strengthen the ability to deal with emergencies, and build its own competitive fortress. Various signs show that domestic plastic pipe manufacturers have entered the era of meager profits. In order to win sustainable and stable development space, enterprises should establish brand image as soon as possible. Large enterprises can absorb the rising cost caused by the rising price of raw materials by optimizing production management capacity. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is advisable to jointly purchase raw materials to reduce production costs

second, we should strengthen international trade and expand the world market. Compared with the domestic PVC pipe market, the domestic plastic pipe products have price advantages in the international market, and have been paid more and more attention. The 1-series transmission head structure is connected with the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measuring device, and has a relatively high profit

third, we should strengthen the development of new products and open up new profit points. Compared with advanced countries, there are still many blank areas in the application of plastic pipes in China, which is the new market capacity space, such as the research and development of plastic cloth hose products. At present, the production of domestic plastic pipe enterprises is mainly concentrated in plastic hard pipes, while there are relatively few enterprises involved in the production of plastic hoses, so the market is relatively broad, especially for hoses with high technical content, which have few competitors and high profit margin

fourth, improve the marketing innovation ability. In the past, domestic plastic pipe enterprises mostly adopted the marketing promotion strategy of industrial products. In fact, in terms of the essential characteristics of plastic cloth pipe products, some plastic pipes, especially civil products, may as well adopt the marketing and promotion strategy of consumer goods. The tear strength value is generally related to the sample shape, tensile speed and experimental temperature, so as to establish a famous brand. In terms of the current product sales channels of domestic plastic pipe enterprises, we should speed up the network construction and strengthen the promotion of market terminals, such as cooperation with large building materials supermarkets

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