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On the afternoon of November 30, all employees of Qilin doors and windows participated in the 2016 winter quality development camp

"show yourself, the team will win; dare to fight, Qilin will win"

in the afternoon of November 30, all employees of Qilin doors and windows participated in the 2016 winter quality development camp. Through the personal experience of expanding the training program, we can feel personal strength, enhance the sense of teamwork, master interpersonal communication skills and fully explore personal potential

the activities include four items: "peach blossoms bloom", "thousand miles of sound transmission", "interesting Idioms" and "honor circle". The team members were randomly divided into four groups. The members of the activity squadron fully invested, worked together, helped each other and trusted each other, gave full play to the spirit of teamwork, overcame many difficulties, completed each project together, shared the joy of success, improved the team cohesion, cultivated everyone's positive attitude and high sense of responsibility, and realized the strength of the team and the importance of mutual cooperation

cheers and cheers come and go on the training ground. The cheers of victory after the completion of each project resounded throughout the training ground, and also pushed the atmosphere of expansion training to the top

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at the last link of the "honor circle" competition, the four teams reacted quickly, competed against time, and acted nimbly at the command of general manager Guo of the general command and marketing center. Finally, the vanguard won in 5:61! Finally, general manager Qin of the company will award honorary bonuses. While congratulating the vanguard on its victory, the members of the dream team were enthusiastic. They actively searched for the reasons from themselves, carefully summarized the experience and lessons, and won the applause and respect of the whole audience while accompanying the captain to accept the punishment

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through this expansion training, we have deeply realized that the strength of the team is huge. Success belongs to every member of the team. Without the cooperation and joint efforts of every member of the team, many things are difficult to complete. After the expansion training, they returned to their respective jobs. Only when we give full play to the team spirit of mutual assistance and mutual trust, and treat every work as a challenge in the expansion training, there will be no difficulties that cannot be overcome. Believe in Qilin doors and windows, believe in Qilin people, and believe that our tomorrow will be better





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