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What is the hottest thing to say about the home furnishing industry in 2016? Of course, it belongs to customization. This year is also called the first year of customization. In the wardrobe industry, which is closely related to the home furnishing industry, customization is also the "sweet cake" of the industry development. Then, for wardrobe dealers, how to choose to customize wardrobe to join in, so as to gain more market share? Then, how should dealers choose wardrobe brand alliance? How can wardrobe dealers join the customized brand? The whole wardrobe brand Deville

how do dealers choose Custom wardrobe to join

then, how can you find the brand you want when you join in the custom wardrobe? Because it is very important to find a good brand. Its powerful power can become the strong backing of every franchisee

the first step is to conduct market research and understand this industry. If you really spend a certain amount of time and energy to understand this industry, then what brand is good and what brand has more advantages will be clear in your hearts. Everyone's time and energy will be rewarded, rather than wasting time in vain

step 2: investigate the brand. After you have a general understanding, you should go deep into the brand. If we want to make a comparison, we still need to understand the advantages of each brand, so that we can have a more objective analysis. There are many ways to investigate brands. In order to make franchisees interested, most brands will welcome interested parties to visit. This is a very direct way. Of course, it will also make you gain something. At the same time, starting from the Internet is also a very good way. Most of the online information is open and transparent, which will let people who want to know get what they want

the third step is the strategic development direction of the customized wardrobe enterprise

the strategic development direction of the enterprise is the soul guidance of the enterprise. It can determine how long and how far the enterprise can go. The strategic development of the enterprise seems to be something illusory, but it can determine the direction of the enterprise

wardrobe enterprises should consider the comprehensive strength of wardrobe franchisees in an all-round way

in addition to the process quality of products, they should also consider the production and operation capacity of customized wardrobe franchisees. For example, the delivery cycle of products should not be too long or too short. Because the delivery cycle is short, it means that the manufacturer's delivery volume is not much, which also proves that this wardrobe brand is not popular with consumers. If the delivery cycle is too long, it indicates that the manufacturer's production capacity is not strong, which will affect consumers' impression of this wardrobe brand. Therefore, it is more appropriate for the customized wardrobe to join the manufacturer to have a delivery cycle of two to three weeks

customized wardrobe industry products pay more attention to environmental protection than traditional wardrobe industry, because if environmental protection fails to meet the requirements, even if the quality and process are good, consumers will not necessarily pay the bill. Therefore, environmental protection plates are the top priority of customized wardrobe franchisees. When choosing wardrobe manufacturers, customized wardrobe franchisees should examine the products of wardrobe brands from all aspects and make choices according to the needs of local consumers, Only in this way can we operate better

for customized wardrobe enterprises, the business strategy is an important basis for the long-term and efficient development of enterprises, which can reflect the advantages of customized wardrobe in the business strategy. Enterprises need to implement the strategic development plan for a long time. Such customized wardrobe enterprises are stable and reliable enterprises. For wardrobe dealers, in the initial brand selection, we should consider many aspects. We should examine the comprehensive strength of wardrobe manufacturers. Choosing a good brand can drive the interests of dealers, which is very beneficial for dealers. Therefore, dealers should be more cautious in the choice of wardrobe brands

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