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Salt style is a home style between Nordic style and Japanese style. It takes neutrality as the main tone, pays attention to the restoration of authenticity, and is loyal to life. In the style presentation, there is a little more smoke and anger than Nordic style, but it retains

salt style is a home style between Nordic style and Japanese style. It takes neutrality as the main tone, pays attention to the restoration of authenticity, and is loyal to life

in the style presentation, it has a little more smoke and anger than the Nordic style, and retains the natural essence of the Japanese style. It is simple, pure and warm, especially in line with the yearning of contemporary young people for a simple life

"salt series" was originally used by Japanese magazines to describe men, generally referring to those men who have a light feeling.

their appearance may not be very outstanding, but they are better than clean temperament. Like salt, they are simple and simple, and their typical representative is Japanese actor Kentaro sakakuchi

the emergence of "salt family" home is the definition of Japanese girls for the ideal "handsome and refreshing room"

like salt men, salt family home also has some characteristics

summarized the following keywords: simple, pure, bright, warm, neutral color for decoration style, no excessive decoration, neat lines

some people may say that this is not the wind of "frigidity". No no no~

the authentic statement of sexual indifference should be called normcore, which is the combination of English normal and hardcore. What does

mean, it is normal + hard gas, which is a little close to what we call "salt system". Where is it usually

< No.1 light color >

if you carefully observe the following pictures, you will find that there are almost only four colors: black, white, silver and wood, and there are no other complicated miscellaneous colors

< No.2 style is normal >

the legs of the table that should be straight are straight, and the table that should be square, without any deliberate design, pattern and decoration

< No.3 simple material >

it can be said that the salt decoration style materials are relatively tough: metal, glass, wood,

not particularly eye-catching, not emotional. Look at the lamp below, salt or not?! It's made of salt

when all the above elements are combined, there will be a kind of tough medium sexy

it looks a little "Japanese" and a little "Nordic", but all elements of Japanese Nordic have been simplified

the whole is very neutral, but it is not so cold as to be loveless. You can still add some elements with a sense of life, such as hand woven frames, green plants, carpets, and some small decorations

there is a very strong "human design" in Salt Department rooms

maybe you don't know what clothes a person living in a "Nordic" room will wear and what kind of life he will lead,

but as soon as he comes to the salt system, you can immediately see a handsome salt system boy himself

let's talk about some basic elements of salt system, which are very easy to realize

basically, you need a big white wall + light colored floor

whether it's wood floor, marble floor or cement floor, don't have too many lines, in order to achieve this effect: after hard installation, it feels like it's not installed

if you must hang pictures on the wall, you'd better not use picture frames

and the painting can't be too concrete. When you hang a row of photos, you feel nostalgic for everything. It's good to have abstract paintings or foreign language posters that no one can understand

metal/glass chandeliers are standard. In fact, this shape of lamp is very common in Nordic wind,

but there is no need for bright color blocks. Black/silver/transparent glass is enough, not even brass

if you feel monotonous, you can hang more, or take a more man-made metal industry route.

use iron art more. Sometimes a small light bulb is very salt, and choose the simplest and simple furniture without too many fancy designs

both northern Europe and Japan like to write articles on the legs of tables and chairs. Either the legs of chairs are splitting, or they give you a gentle curve, which is unnecessary

the legs of the table and chair are straight for me. If you want to be strong, use metal legs, and if you want to be simple, use wood legs

if you have to add some colors to the room, it's not wrong to choose dark blue and red brown, but it's easy to become "Northern Europe"

the sofa must choose a sexual color, dark gray, light gray, camel beige, and the basic one is good

if you feel that fabric sofa can't create visual focus, you can also choose the basic leather sofa

some small leather decorations will actually make the room look more layered

here, a salt room is basically completed ~

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