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In the aluminum alloy doors and windows industry for more than ten years, I have seen more and more inexperienced dealers constantly "job hopping" between brands. Although it is said that "peers are like enemies" and "peers are divided into three enemies", I can't help persuading them here: choose a suitable brand and stick to it! So how to choose a brand suitable for your long-term operation? Let's call it the three "pre rules" of joining

1. See the market development trend

if you want to enter an industry, you must clearly know how much space there is for the future development of this industry. The aluminum alloy door and window market is closely related to the real estate market. At that time, I firmly believed that as long as the real estate market is alive, the aluminum alloy door and window market will not die. Now I firmly believe that as long as the Internet is not outdated, smart home will always be the trend. In terms of the development space and direction of aluminum alloy doors and windows, yunzhicai doors and windows are consistent with me. I joined it when it started, and I stuck to it when it began to do smart home

2. Don't be the best, as long as the most appropriate

nowadays, consumers advocate brands, and most dealers also go one after another to big brands. This is one of the important reasons why many dealers frequently "change jobs". Indeed, big brands have a certain popularity and customer base, but big brands also have defects that cannot be ignored. First of all, the development of big brands is mature, and the outlets are saturated, so it is difficult to step in; Second, big brands are not afraid that no one will do it, so their enthusiasm for investment promotion is not high, and the concessions given to dealers are limited; Third, if a brand develops too much, it will almost reach the peak period of development, and there will certainly be sluggish or even retrogressive development. Nokia is a typical example. Looking for a brand is like a woman looking for her husband. She doesn't look for trading stocks, but only potential stocks

3. Pursue innovation and refuse homogenization

I believe that as long as you know a little about this industry, you will know the phenomenon of industry homogenization. To paraphrase a familiar sentence: innovation is the soul of a nation's progress and the inexhaustible driving force for the prosperity of a country and an enterprise. Only innovation can grasp the opportunity in the fierce competition, win the initiative, and always maintain vigorous vitality in the wave of continuous upgrading of new technologies and products. I am now acting for a brand that I believe pursues the times and advocates the concept of science and technology. From the use of spokesmen to the advent of intelligent products, it has never given up innovation. This is also an important reason why I insist on making yunzhicai doors and windows

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