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When shopping for wardrobes, you need to be careful that a class of low-end products are shoddy. The surface is smooth and bright. In fact, it is made by pasting a layer of paint film on the substrate board. Most of these products are produced in informal small workshops

when shopping for wardrobes, you should be careful that a class of low-end products are shoddy. The surface is smooth and shiny. In fact, it is made by pasting a layer of paint film on the substrate board. Most of these products are produced in informal small workshops. Many of the products produced by these small workshops are unqualified, and there are roughly the following major problems:

the door panel is not thick enough, ignoring the potential safety hazards of glass

the thickness of the door panel should be 9 cm to prevent deformation. The standard thickness of the glass should be 5cm, but if two layers of glass are used to clip decorative pieces, such as weaving, rattan art, etc., because the glass slot is only 9 cm wide, the glass is too thin, which is easy to leave potential safety hazards


the cabinet material is shoddy, the name is confused, and non original products are passed off as original brand products

it is difficult to distinguish whether the metal frame is true or false. The metal frame of cabinet door has two kinds of carbon steel and aluminum. Carbon steel is easy to rust, and the rear hanging gate wheel will be exposed. At present, aluminum is the mainstream. Aluminum materials include aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum titanium alloy, etc. Titanium metal has high strength, small proportion and high price, but consumers simply cannot distinguish it from the surface. In fact, even aluminum titanium alloys have the problem of titanium content. Generally speaking, when you hit with your fingers, the sound of aluminum titanium alloy is crisp and more metallic

the gate wheel is smeared with oil, exaggerating its service life

the ordinary gate wheel shell is electroplated, which is easy to rust, and some wheels are made of ordinary engineering plastics, which is easy to wear. Some businesses grease the gate wheel to boast its service life

if you choose Rheinland egger, you won't have to worry about the purchase of the above wardrobe at all

true love service, perfect

Ryan egger always insists on providing perfect services for customers: before sales, it can provide customers with professional consultation, door-to-door measurement and customized design solutions free of charge; During sale, arrange timely delivery and fine installation; The after-sales service provides a worry free guarantee plan to implement product maintenance, such as the pulley, which is the most vulnerable part of the general wardrobe. Ryan egger promises customers a lifetime warranty

genuine materials, demanding quality

Rheinland egger's material selection requirements are extremely stringent, and the raw materials used through careful selection have reached the double standards of excellent quality and low-carbon environmental protection. For example, Hexiang board with zero formaldehyde emission is selected as the source material of the board to create a healthy, comfortable and safe environment for you

authentic design, humanized experience

Rheinland egger wardrobe has an international vision design team, which combines European high-end fashion and Chinese localization pragmatism, fully respects consumers' family preferences and needs, makes careful use of room space according to customers' home decoration style, house type characteristics, overall home layout and placement, and designs fashionable, beautiful, practical Products that reflect the elegant taste of the owner

carefully manufactured, German Seiko

Rheinland egger has the world's most advanced production equipment and world-class elite production team, such as the production of customized wardrobe assembly lines and automatic machine edge banding, which ensures the high quality of the overall wardrobe's tightness and fineness, and greatly improves the service life of the wardrobe

Rheinland egger custom wardrobe is the chairman unit of "China overall home furnishing alliance", the top 500 developing enterprises of "China Pan home furnishing", the top ten brands of Chinese wardrobe, and the vice chairman unit of the "Custom 100" leading plan of the national large home furnishing service system. It is worth choosing because of its quality commitment




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