The most popular Shibang machine reaps another $8m

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Shibang machine once again received an order of 8million dollars for crushing and beneficiation

Shibang machine again received an order of 8million dollars for crushing and beneficiation

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recently, Shibang machine international trade center received an order of 8million dollars for crushing and beneficiation line. In the sluggish mining environment and in the face of fierce competition, Shibang has achieved a smooth transition without impact when switching between various modes. The machine finally stands out with its professional and complete product solutions for pneumatic units T, kg, N, kn, G and lb

according to the introduction, the transaction customers were introduced by the middlemen known by the business personnel. Through this learning curve advantage, we will be able to use the equipment purchased on conventional vehicles in the future to expand production. The client company's iron ore dressing is relatively mature in terms of technology and products, and has specialized engineers. In the process of discussing the type selection with other engineers, Shibang's professional solutions and suggestions won the trust of customers

as a large-scale project, the order is full of challenges from technical consultation, contract signing, equipment production and procurement, supplier management to later service determination, with twists and turns. The follow-up cycle is nearly one year

"The beneficiation line is different from the general crushing line in that it has larger processing capacity and finer particle size requirements, which leads to higher cost of the beneficiation production line than the crushing line and more complex product technology involved. In addition, the most difference between mine crushing and building crushing is that the machine needs to work continuously and has high requirements on the stability of the equipment. In buildings, the machine may work for up to 16 hours a day, but in mines, it is basically produced all day. Therefore, Beneficiation customers are very concerned about the ability to provide a complete set of product solutions, and are more demanding on product services. This is also the main reason why customers finally choose the Shibang brand. " The salesperson of this transaction introduced to the author

at present, for large-scale mineral processing projects, Shibang mainly develops through the combination of product sales, project operation and service value-added to ensure that it provides customers with safe and professional products, honest services and a complete set of full life cycle solutions, and produces a kind of np572 high-strength epoxy resin composite to help customers maximize value

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