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Shenzhou chemical coating clarifies that ge you is the "endorser door"

recently, rumors about Ge You endorsing Shenzhou paint have also frequently appeared on Sina, Tianya and other forums. "When we only know that Ge You endorsed Shenzhou travel, we don't know that ge you will also endorse Shenzhou paint?... at the same time, in terms of advertising operation, he will also change from film product placement to real image endorsement." Many friends believed this and even triggered discussions. Is it true or false? Recently, I interviewed the relevant person in charge of Shenzhou chemical coatings and learned the truth

"in 2010, we did sign a star endorsement cooperation agreement, but the star was not ge you, but Liu Jin, a special actor who played Premier Zhou." Nieshaobo, marketing director of Shenzhou chemical coatings, said, "the signing ceremony with Liu Jin was held not long ago and has not been announced in a hurry."—— Thus, it can be seen that the "Ge You endorsements" incident is an unfounded rumor

it is understood that the reason why Shenzhou company chose Liu Jin to represent its "Shenzhou paint", "Alice paint", "bawanghua paint" and other brands is that Liu Jin has been traveling with Premier Zhou for many years, and his incisive interpretation of the pioneering spirit of the older generation of revolutionaries can be highly consistent with the paint brands under Shenzhou. "Like Premier Zhou, the pioneer of the Chinese revolution, Shenzhou is also the pioneer of the environmental protection coating revolution. This fit is not available in the endorsement of other coating brand stars." Nie Shaobo said, "it is precisely because of this convergence point of 'people without me, people with me' that we consider asking Liu to cooperate and develop together as the image spokesperson of various brands under Shenzhou."

Liu Jin, the actor of Zhou Enlai, the image spokesman of Shenzhou chemical, made a detailed understanding and strict investigation on Shenzhou chemical before signing the contract that the stretching and tightening of the sample were carried out separately (that is, the stretching and tightening were carried out with different fixtures). He was moved by Shenzhou chemical's unremitting spirit of national industry. The image of Zhou Enlai created by Liu Jin is wise, elegant, deep and grand. Premier Zhou Enlai's pioneering, forward-looking and thorough revolutionary spirit has deeply touched our generations of Chinese people. Liu Jin's endorsement conveyed the corporate vision of Shenzhou chemical: to be the first in the world, to advocate the revolution of coating environmental protection, and to do his due duty for low-carbon emission reduction: professional, dedicated and dedicated

in the past 2009, celebrity endorsements were in full swing. There are many celebrity endorsements such as jiangwenli's marriage to artists, libingbing's encounter with jialish, and pucunxin's hand in hand with bards. In 2010, faced with a large supply gap in the paint market, Shenzhou company upgraded the star endorsement to a new height of the clay hammer while continuing the "star endorsement paint" year. Liu Jin's image of "Premier Zhou" is integrated with Shenzhou's image as a pioneer in environmental protection coatings—— This is a great breakthrough in the "star endorsements for the market" of the coating industry

as an important national enterprise in the coating industry, Shenzhou company signed the contract with Liu Jin this time, which not only marks another progress of Shenzhou chemical in brand building and image endorsement, but also hints to consumers about the leading position of Shenzhou chemical in the environmental protection coating industry. At the same time, micron silver paint, a high-tech health paint with independent intellectual property rights of Shenzhou company, will also be launched in the cheers of "signing the contract with Liu Jin" to create a perfect life for consumers with the quality of health and environmental protection

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