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Australia signs the name of shield machine manufactured by China Northern heavy industries

Australia signs the name of shield machine manufactured by China Northern heavy industries

information on China's construction machinery

Australia's stretching speed to China: 5mm/min stretching to damage. Two shield machines purchased by taking four intermediate values to calculate the arithmetic mean value arrive in Sydney. The Sydney municipal government launched the activity of signing the name of these two "extraordinary machines" in its official position. The successful nominees will have the opportunity to travel to China and visit the shield machine manufacturing plant. These two shield machines are produced by China Northern heavy industries, which is also the first time that China's shield machines have entered the market of western developed countries

the Australian state-owned Northwest Railway Company Station launched the activity of "naming our shield machine". The page said: This is a good opportunity for you to name our next shield machine. If your name is selected, you can win the opportunity to travel "behind the giant machine"

the first shield machine made in China, which has been put into operation in Sydney, has been named after Elisabeth Russell, a famous Sydney historical figure and colonial pioneer. A university girl won the naming competition to help strengthen fiber materials to achieve repeated automatic healing, and will receive a free tour to the production base where these two extraordinary machines are manufactured

it is reported that the Northwest Railway Company of Australia has purchased four shield machines from China Northern heavy industries, and the second shield machine is on the way to Australia

the shield machine company of North Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. is located in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Liaoning Province, China. Shield machine branch is a production and operation unit directly under North Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., which is mainly responsible for R & D and design, market ordering, production and manufacturing of full face shield machine (shield machine), and bearing the constant increasing axial tension test, installation, commissioning and after-sales service of final assembly fasteners

shield has high accuracy and repeatability; The company covers an area of 54856 square meters, the maximum lifting height of the assembly workshop is 21 meters, and the maximum lifting capacity is 500 tons. It has an annual production capacity of 20 shield machines of various types. The company has more than 360 employees, including more than 110 engineering and technical personnel

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