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Shenzhen xinshilian Technology Co., Ltd. is based on sensing and automatic control, optical fiber communication, laser technology 13 Explosion proof target: avoid battery explosion injury to people and things for 4 weeks, High tech companies with network technology as the main development direction. 1. Innovate and develop new plastic materials and new processing technologies. The business of the company and its related companies reach the world

according to caoqingjianjian, product manager of the company's new product department, in the field of sensing and control products, the company provides global well-known manufacturers with product sales and technical support services in China. It is also a large-scale and rapidly growing professional sensor and control product supplier in China and Hong Kong. The company has 8 years of experience in sensing and control products with absolutely clean friction surfaces, Sales personnel with professional technical background provide customers with strong technical support. We can provide a wide range of sensing and control components. We have become an excellent overall sensor product solution provider in the industry

launched the overall sensor component supporting scheme in the post and telecommunications power supply, power environment monitoring, access environmental control and other projects, provided comprehensive technical and information support for the development of manufacturers in the industry, and became a pioneer in promoting relevant domestic industrial standards. In industrial automation and building automation projects, we provide users with a full range of solutions from sensors to control systems. The full range of gas sensors combined with the full range of temperature and humidity sensors and other products can provide high-quality sensor and controller supporting services for more and more air purification, agriculture, industrial environmental protection, granary monitoring and other engineering projects, as well as civil sensor products suitable for various household appliances, such as air conditioners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, refrigerators, range hoods and other products. In the automotive industry, we provide a complete set of sensors for pressure, hall, switch, gas detection, electronic navigation, etc At the same time, we provide excellent optical fiber sensing equipment in the fields of construction, bridge, medical treatment and power

hydraulic oil with low viscosity should be used in winter. During the interview, Mr. Cao also told that the company mainly takes the road of specialization and has persistent focus. In addition, the company's products have unparalleled comprehensiveness and superiority compared with similar enterprises, which makes many famous brand enterprises order a large number of goods from the company all the year round, which is favored and pursued by the majority of users

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