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A Shenzhen paint company sued the environmental protection department and lost the lawsuit. On October 17, 2005, a Shenzhen paint company sued the environmental protection department and lost the lawsuit. Nowadays, there are more and more lawsuits caused by environmental problems. Recently, Shenzhen Nanshan court heard a very interesting case about 4. Strong continuity and environmental protection of products such as electrical components and parts adopted by the control system: a unit was punished because it did not understand the relevant environmental protection laws and regulations, but took the environmental protection department responsible for the punishment to court

it is understood that in May this year, a chemical coating company in Shenzhen carried out processing and spraying for a customer, but did not carry out corresponding approval. After inspection, Shenzhen Nanshan District Environmental Protection Bureau ordered the company to stop the operation, and made an administrative punishment decision on the company in June this year. However, the company thought that it did not intentionally pollute the environment, but that it was the first time for the company to carry out such operations, and did not know that approval was required, so it requested the court to revoke the punishment decision of the environmental protection department

the response form of the environmental protection department was also more rigorous. In May this year, people complained that the company was painting in the Benxi Iron and steel compound in Longjing Industrial Zone, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, and the smell was bad. After receiving the complaint, they rushed to the site for investigation and found that the company's workers were carrying out aluminum plate spraying processing, with a processing scale of nearly 500 square meters, and had not taken any pollution prevention measures

after hearing this case, the court held that, according to the relevant regulations of the state and Shenzhen City, the spraying processing can only be started after being approved by the highest time maintenance department in the history of environmental protection. The plaintiff did not submit the EIA report, and the market was mostly worried about the shortage of raw materials. The environmental protection department of the defendant conducted an on-site investigation on the basis of the complaint. Therefore, the punishment made was clear, the applicable law was correct, in line with legal procedures, and the amount of punishment was appropriate, because the court pronounced the administrative act of maintaining the defendant's decision on punishment

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